Why should you become a homestay family?

Homestay is a culturally enriching and financially rewarding home-based activity, that can lead to long-term friendships with people from around the world. Our homestay program involves providing accommodation, with meals and transport, to young international university or school students, or other international visitors, in return for a weekly payment. Homestay is available to all types of Australian households (families: with/without kids, single parents, empty nesters or pensioners) who have spare bedrooms and are located within a reasonable travel time to where our programs operate.

  • Enjoy the company of your guests and make life long friendships
  • Introduce international cultures, languages and customs into your home
  • Tax free rental income when you host one or two students ATO approved- see ATO Ruling
  • Receive 24/7 support during hosting.

What do you need to provide to your guest?

  • A HOME

    Your home should be clean, orderly, in good repair (not under renovation), and comply with council building regulations.


    The most essential requirements for hosting a student is to have a furnished room which at the minimum includes a single bed with linen that is not a mattress on the ground. The room should be in the main house, however granny flats may be acceptable, depending on their condition and facilities. International students of the same sex are welcome to share a room with your own children.


    Hosts need to provide a wifi internet connection for the student to use.


    You provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. Meal times are often the most favourite part of the student day and a great way to encourage conversation using English.


    The student will need access to a bathroom, either shared with the host family and other students, or their own private bathroom.


    Students may need to wash their clothes. Hosts should let their guests know when and how to use the laundry facilities.


    Students will need to be picked up on arrival to your area and dropped off at an arranged pickup point at the end of the hosting period.  You will also need to transport the student to and from school every day. They are only allowed to catch the school bus if your own children are catching it with them.  They are not allowed to travel on public transport alone.

What do other host families have to say?

I had a fabulous time hosting the Chinese teacher & student. I learnt a lot! The 13 yr old was amazing and told wonderful, if at times tragic, stories to me about life for a child in China. I would recommend being a host, they were lovely and so happy to be here.

Janice Dutton

We so enjoyed our time with our two young students. The Chinese students really enjoyed simple things – like watching the sun set in Brunswick Heads. They took photos of lots of clouds. Sure there were limitations with language but armed with our iphones nothing went misunderstood. My kids  (aged 15 and 12) have asked me every now and then if we will ever host students again, so that in itself shows how they enjoyed the experience.

Michelle Eabry

Having our two guests share our home and meals with us helped make the world feel a little smaller, a little cozier. Helped make a country like China feel a little closer and reminded my kids that people are people.

Michelle Eabry

We have hosted Chinese students 4 times and love it!  It benefits our kids so much and helps them understand more about the world and the opportunities that are out there for them. I can never get over how the Chinese students have so much wonder about our natural environment – simple things like loving walking on grass in bare feet, or collecting an egg from the chicken coop.

Robert Llewellyn

How to apply?

1. Apply Online

Click here to access our online form.

Apply Now

2. Complete a WWCC

Hosts must complete a Working with Children Check (WWCC) prior to hosting. Please click the link here.

3. Application Processing

Once you submit your online application (form), our team will review the information you provided to see whether your profile meets our requirements.

4. Receive a friendly call

Once your application is successfully processed, our homestay team will give you a call to get some further information and introduce you to our services.

5. Student Placement

Once you are set up to become a host family, we will let you know the students that are keen to be hosted by you.