Ever wondered what the skateboarding scene is like in China?

We did when we were recently in Shanghai meeting with our China business partners organising youth study tour programs. Considering China has the world’s largest skateboard parks, we thought it would be worth checking out. On the subway to , we were lucky enough to meet Mr Wang; a 60 year old long boarder who skates every weekend. He says it’s good for his health and likes the community vibe. Community feeling for sure!

At the SMP skate park in Shanghai you will find tiny kids who can barely walk skateboarding around, mums and dads, teenagers, and Mr Wang. We definitely saw more posing than skateboarding, but with 16ft (or something bigger than we’ve ever seen before drop ins), it’s no wonder the majority of people are just hanging around looking good. I mean if you fall off your skateboard and seriously hurt yourself in a Chinese skate bowl, you will need a crane to get you out! Check out our fun little film and see what we mean for your self.

OK so then we got carried away because someone told us that the SMP skate park actually wasn’t the biggest in China and that Guangzhou has an even bigger skate park. So we dropped in to Guangzhou and visited that skate park too. Hainan is pretty close to Guangzhou so we also went there to catch up with our friend Nathan Mettler from Hawaii, founder of All Time Distribution (ATD). Check out those videos too. As you can see, we like to keep our China business trips fun! J