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China has almost 700 million people online who are expecting technology intensive products that are healthier, safer and greener. China’s consumers are digitally savvy and value peer recommendations, which makes it important for your business to get it right from the start. Knowing how to engage with their social media platforms and understanding best practice communication and marketing strategy is important for your success.

  • Personalised tip sheet, based on a review of your materials and website
  • Best China social media platforms combination to use for your specific product or service
  • Translation of 3 reviews for posting on Chinese websites

What we do best:

  • Market research & strategy
  • Chinese social media
  • Video branding for the China market
  • Content creation and management
  • Provide mandarin speakers
  • Chinese customer profiling
  • China peer recommendations & reviews

A lot of businesses we work with have ad hoc China marketing strategies with agents doing different components. We are happy to work with you and your agents to bring your marketing strategy together so it can be stronger.

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