We work to enhance intercultural understanding between community, business and education, encouraging global thought to go with local action. Supporting cultural education programs in both China and Australia that foster global citizenship, sustainability, and social entrepreneurship is our commitment working towards positive change.

Chinese Classes

Community Chinese cultural and language workshops

In 2014 we were approached by Maurizio Vianni who had been looking for over two years for a Chinese language teacher in the Northern Rivers for his adopted son, Fu, from Taiwan.

So we got started with weekend workshops and realised there was an interested from other families who also wanted their children to have exposure to Chinese language and culture to help prepare them for the future we are all going to be living in. The question we asked ourselves was how are our youth in Regional Australia being supported for becoming leaders in Australia China bilateral relationships when they have little access to Chinese culture and language education programs? By facilitating China Australia education programs in regional Australia, we are helping our youth develop Asian Literacy skills and have a voice in their own community.

If you are living in the Northern Rivers and want to have access to Chinese language and culture programs, please fill in our contact form.

Connect with China

Connect with China Collaborative

In September 2015 we partnered with Julie Lindsay, Founder of Flat Connections with the aim of using technology to connect learners and community groups from within China to those outside of China.

Each collaborative has a thematic approach and is digitally infused so that connections and collaborations are made virtually in both synchronous and asynchronous modes. The collaborative operate for about 8 weeks and are a learning space for both students and educators. We introduce new technologies, facilitate discussion and co-create solutions to real world problems. Teams are made up from global pods that showcase their solutions in the form of a multimedia piece. Our pilot program had interest from over 2,000 participants from USA, Australia and China and now has participants from New Zealand, Canada and some European countries.

For more information on the Connect with China Collaborative, or if you would like to get involved, please visit their website.

Environmental education

We work with the Australian Marine Debris Initiative to increase global awareness on protecting our oceans and waterways through education programs and professional development. We deliver marine debris workshops to our study tours and local schools in Australia and China.  We also wrote the Australian Marine Debris Education Kit

Our post study tour surveys indicate that our action based environmental classes are highly regarded by Chinese students.  Read about our environmental programs in the media (link to media page).