Pathways to China

Join other business and people online and find your #PathwaysToChina. Our live streamed online workshops feature guest industry experts and interactive activities to help you activate and share what you do best with millions of people – China! It doesn’t matter what industry you work in – creative, tourism, education, agri-business – you will need to understand ways to connect with China online and China’s business landscape.

Each session runs for an hour with optional activities and access to resources between sessions.

Session 1 – Introduction to China’s business landscape

Session 2 – Introduction to China’s digital landscape

Session 3 – WeChat about everything China

Session 4 – Government support

Session 5 – Steps to becoming China ready

Made for China

It used to be that everyone was importing from China, but now the market has flipped. A growing number of Australian companies are exporting to China. China’s middle class are wanting more than ever products that are clean, green and safe, and Australia has a good reputation in China for delivering these products. But what if you are not a big corporate and are interested in exporting to China? Where do you start? Then this is the workshop for you.

Session 1 – Your story. Understanding what your China customers are looking for.

Session 2 – What involved in a China marketing strategy?

Session 3 – Industry trends and market insights.

Session 4 – Understanding China legislation, export channels and government support.

Session 5 – E-Commerce in China and how to get started.

China Digital Pathways

Learn how to use China’s social media platforms and connect with China in your own time from the convenience of your own home, a cafe, or wherever you have good Wifi. Even if you don’t speak Chinese, you can easily learn about China’s digital world and prepare yourself to get connected to 700 million people. This course is designed to give you some basic tools to start your China online journey and get connected.

Session 1 – China’s digital landscape, changes and current trends

Session 2 – E-Commerce in China & the role of social media.

Session 3 – Finding you China channel mix: WeChat, DingTalk, WeiBo, video, live streaming, blogging, and file sharing and more (it changes all the time in China!)

Session 4 – China Content and hashtags

Session 5 – Managing your content when you can’t speak Chinese

Private Pathways

Contact us if you want a private workshop tailored to your specific needs. You may be an individual or have a group and have a specific problem/solution you want to work on, or just some general information. We offer:

  • Online & face to face.